Sudden toddler dying syndrome (SIDS) is the unexplained dying, often throughout sleep, of a seemingly wholesome child lower than a yr outdated. SIDS is typically often known as crib dying as a result of the infants typically die of their cribs.

Although the trigger is unknown, it seems that SIDS could also be related to abnormalities within the portion of an toddler’s mind that controls respiration and arousal from sleep.

Researchers have found some elements that will put infants at additional danger. They’ve additionally recognized some measures you may take to assist shield your youngster from SIDS. Perhaps a very powerful measure is inserting your child on his or her again to sleep.

What causes SIDS?

The actual reason behind SIDS is unknown, but it surely’s considered all the way down to a mixture of things.

Experts consider SIDS happens at a specific stage in a child’s growth, and that it impacts infants who’re susceptible to sure environmental stresses.

This vulnerability could also be attributable to being born prematurely or having a low birthweight, or due to different causes not but recognized.

Environmental stresses may embody tobacco smoke, getting tangled in bedding, a minor sickness or a respiration obstruction. There’s additionally an affiliation between co-sleeping (sleeping along with your child on a mattress, couch or chair) and SIDS.

Babies who die of SIDS are thought to have issues in the best way they reply to those stresses and the way they regulate their coronary heart charge, respiration and temperature.

Although the reason for SIDS is not absolutely understood, there are a variety of issues you may do to scale back the danger.

What are the signs?

SIDS has no signs or warning indicators. Babies who die of SIDS appear wholesome earlier than being put to mattress. They present no indicators of wrestle and are sometimes present in the identical place as once they had been positioned within the mattress.

How is SIDS identified?

SIDS is called the reason for dying solely when no different trigger is discovered. To discover out why a child died, medical specialists evaluation the newborn’s and oldsters’ medical histories, research the realm the place the newborn died, and do an post-mortem.

Risk elements

Although sudden toddler dying syndrome can strike any toddler, researchers have recognized a number of elements that will enhance a child’s danger. They embody:

  • Sex. Boys usually tend to die of SIDS.
  • Age. Infants are most susceptible throughout the second and third months of life.
  • Race. For causes that are not well-understood, black, American Indian or Eskimo infants usually tend to develop SIDS.
  • Family historical past. Babies who’ve had siblings or cousins die of SIDS are at greater danger of SIDS.
  • Secondhand smoke. Babies who reside with people who smoke have the next danger of SIDS.
  • Being untimely. Both being born early and having low beginning weight enhance your child’s probabilities of SIDS.

What can I do to assist stop SIDS?

Below is an inventory of issues you are able to do to assist stop SIDS.


  • Always place your child on their again to sleep.
  • Place your child within the “feet to foot” place (with their toes touching the tip of the cot, Moses basket, or pram).
  • Keep your child’s head uncovered. Their blanket needs to be tucked in no greater than their shoulders.
  • Let your child sleep in a cot or Moses basket in the identical room as you for the primary six months.
  • Use a mattress that is agency, flat, waterproof and in good situation.
  • Breastfeed your child (if you happen to can).


  • Smoke throughout being pregnant or let anybody smoke in the identical room as your child (each earlier than and after beginning).
  • Sleep on a mattress, couch or armchair along with your child.
  • Share a mattress along with your child if you happen to or your accomplice smoke or take medication, or if you happen to’ve been ingesting alcohol.
  • Let your child get too sizzling or too chilly. A room temperature of 16-20C, with gentle bedding or a light-weight child sleeping bag, will present a cushty sleeping atmosphere on your child.