Anhidrosis, typically known as hypohidrosis, sudomotor dysfunction or sweating dysfunction, is an irregular lack of sweat in response to warmth, the individual’s physique is unable to sweat usually.

Anhidrosis is the entire absence of sweating, whereas hypohidrosis is sweating lower than regular.

If the human physique can not sweat correctly it can not cool itself, which is probably dangerous. Sweating permits warmth to be launched from the physique.

If the dearth of sweating impacts a small space of the physique, it’s not often harmful. However, total anhidrosis or hypohidrosis may end up in overheating and finally heatstroke, a probably life-threatening situation.

According to the National Institute’s of Health, individuals with anhidrosis might not know they’ve the situation till a big quantity of warmth or exertion fails to induce correct sweating.

Causes of Hypohidrosis

Generalised hyperhidrosis is commonly natural, whereas localised hyperhidrosis is normally a major situation and regional hyperhidrosis typically has a neurological trigger.

Anhidrosis Reasons

There could be a number of explanation why anhidrosis or hypohidrosis happens. For regular sweating to happen, the next processes are mandatory :

  • The temperature management heart should have the ability to detect that the temperature is simply too excessive.
  • Nerves should carry stimulatory alerts from the temperature management heart to the sweat glands.
  • The sweat glands should have the ability to produce and secrete sweat.
  • There should be adequate water out there for sweat manufacturing.

Therefore anhidrosis is especially an issue with the temperature management facilities within the mind, the nerves that management sweat glands, a defect with the sweat glands or inadequate water availability within the physique. This complete system of regulating temperature and controlling sweating just isn’t beneath voluntary management.


Hyperhidrosis remains to be under-treated as it’s not thought of to be a illness. At current we do have efficient therapies, starting from topical therapies to surgical procedure.