Women’s Health Future Starts Today

Women often face significant pressure to look beautiful. The quest for a perfect body or appearance can take a heavy toll on their health in the future.

This can increase the risk of low self-esteem, depression and eating disorders.  A negative body image can harm women’s overall health, nutrition also causing them to skip meals.

Women today wear many hats – they’re wives, mothers, caregivers, employees, business leaders, and breadwinners, often at the same time,” says Wendy Lund, CEO of leading communications agency, GCI Health. “Even when it feels like there are not enough hours in the day, we somehow manage to integrate everything in our lives to ‘make it work’ and accomplish insurmountable tasks. Moreover, this constant juggling can come at the cost of our health.

Some women may try to control their weight by smoking or taking drugs. Other may lose weight by buying beauty related products or getting cosmetic surgery, all of which will cause health-related problems down the road if the behavior continues.


If you’re among those struggling to take good care of yourself because of other obligations, consider how these suggestions might help


Simple Health Tips for A Healthier Life


  • Try to reduce the exposure to television programs, movies, music videos, websites, magazines and even some toys. This might send the message that only a specific body type is acceptable and that maintaining an attractive appearance is the most important goal.


  • Reduce Social Media Exposure. Awareness of others’ judgments can make women feel self-conscious about their looks.



  • Try online resources. An annual in-person physical are recommended, but health issues in between check-ups can often be taken care of through online sites that diagnose problems through questionnaires or video chats – then prescribe medicine or other therapies without the need of an office visit.


  • Set health care appointments a couple of weeks in advance. To secure the slots that work best with your schedule, call or go online way ahead of time, so you have a full range of options. Some clinics now offer evening or weekend hours to help those with demanding daytime jobs or roles.



  • Take stress seriously. While not all anxiety is severe, long-term unrelieved stress can have significant adverse effects on your health, reducing the effectiveness of your immune, digestive, sleep and reproductive systems. Recognize the risks, plan methods for fighting stress and carve out time for exercise, sleep, meditation, yoga and other remedies.


  • Team up with your family doctor. Your family doctor can help you set realistic goals for BMI and weight based on her personal weight history and overall health.
  • Establish healthy eating habits. Search out healthy meals and snacks.


  • Find like-minded people who want to be healthy who aren’t materialistic and shallow. These types of people are toxic to your health and mindset.



  • Make exercise a no-brainer. As the saying goes, sitting is the new smoking. If you don’t make the daily movement of some sort a priority in your life (doctors recommend at least 150 minutes of brisk exercise per week), you’re putting your physical and emotional health at substantial risk. Among other benefits, exercise can help prevent diabetes and heart disease while reducing stress, back pain, arthritis, asthma, and other common ailments.



If you’re an American woman today, chances are your busy lifestyle is preventing you from seeking out the regular check-ups and screenings so crucial to maintaining your health. Furthermore, that’s true regardless of your economic status or whether you live in a rural, urban or suburban area.


This is an investment in both our health and the health of our families. Women who don’t take care of themselves are not going to be around, or it will affect their ability to care for their loved ones. Those who don’t make time to get their health screenings, like mammograms, pap tests, eye exams, blood pressure, etc., actually had more health concerns.

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